Saturday, July 2, 2011

A blurb!

So today I learned a bit more about Dowsing, first I need to get some books and order them for the store; then I found some information in one of our pendulum books that you can use pendulums for dowsing too... Never thought about it but it makes sense...

Now I need to focus a lot this coming week to do some SEO (search engine optimization) for our store and website. Anyone has any input???

Also I need to restart taking Yoga, I love it and Molly is addicting. Well off to help customers! come see me at the store Y'all

Love, Peace and Light

Valentin Tonkin


  1. I know a few things about SEO from a course I took at Emory.
    1. Register your domain for more than 1 year
    2. Add yourself to google local and bing local
    3. Try to get links into relevant websites
    4. Make friends with Google webmaster tools
    and consider google adwords

    I'm sure you can find a ton more things to do but this can be a start.